Before & After: Creating an Abstract


With this post I introduce a new feature I’ll call “Before and After”. It’s not too creative of a title, but it’s intended to be obvious what the purpose is. I enjoy processing my images after capturing them in the camera. So, “Before and After” will give me an opportunity to show you a comparison of two images, and offer a brief explanation of how the final image was processed.

This is a photograph of a post adjacent to a pier in Annapolis, MD. It was late in the afternoon, and the sky was a faded blue. I was intrigued by the reflections in the water. From my personal experience, I was hopeful that zooming in on a tight section of the scene would result in an interesting pattern.

The original photo is below. Here is a summary of steps I took to process the image:

  1. Rotate image 180 degrees
  2. Increased black levels
  3. Increase the blue and aqua luminance
  4. Increase contrast
  5. Increase fill light
  6. Increase clairty
  7. Increase vibrance
  8. Voila! Image done!


One Thing to do on JB Haber’s New Site

This is the first page of my new site. While I’m busy constructing the site, please visit the JB Haber Art Gallery.